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СПМ поддерживает борьбу южнокорейских профсоюзов

      В адрес президента Южной Кореи и других органов управления этой страны  от Свободного профсоюза металлистов направлено письмо  в поддержку намеченной на 30 ноября всеобщей забастовки за права рабочих и протеста против нарушения прав профсоюзов, всех трудящихся Южной Кореи.

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                                                        Пресс- служба СПМ

   CВАБОДНЫ                                           FREE                                                
  ПРАФСАЮЗ                                           METAL WORKERS                  
  МЕТАЛIСТАЎ                                                                      UNION (SPM)
220028,  Мiнск Рэспублiка Беларусь                        220028, Minsk Republic of Belarus
вул.Якубова д. 80, офис 80                                              ul. Jakubova, 80, ofis 80
Тэл\факс: +375  17  214 89 05\06                                     Tel/fax:   + 375  17  214 89 05\06
E-mail: glava_2009@mail.ru                                              E-mail: glava_2009@mail.ru
№ 19-p
 at   27/11/ 2016
                                                                      Park Geun-hye 
                                                              President, South Korea
                                                 Support for general strike of South Korean unions
Dear President Park,
I am writing to you on behalf of , Free Metalworkers Union(SPM,  Belarus) affiliate of IndustriALL Global Union, to support Korean unions in their general strike of 30 November and in their demand that you resign immediately.
Your administration has long attempted to make changes to Korean labour law that undermine unions and workers’ rights. These changes include permitting firing without due process, cutting wages for senior employees and allowing more outsourcing. Your administration has also orchestrated a crackdown on unions including police raids of trade union offices and arresting hundreds of trade unionists for peacefully carrying out their trade union activities. This includes the arrest and sentencing to five years in prison of KCTU President Han Sang-gyun.
The right to free assembly is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Bill of Human Rights. Furthermore, as a member of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Korea is obliged to respect the principles of freedom of association. The International Labour Conference declared that the right of assembly, freedom of opinion and expression constitute civil liberties which are essential for the normal exercise of trade union rights.
Recently your government has been implicated in a disgraceful scandal in which major Korean corporations paid massive bribes to foundations controlled by your ally Choi Soon-sil in exchange for support for anti-labour policies and other favors.
We therefore strongly support Korean unions in their general strike and in their demand that you resign immediately.
                              Alexander       Bukhvostov
                        Chairman Free Metalworkers Union(SPM)

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